How is Vibra 2020 different from the previous editions?
The programme of Vibra 2020 will take place exclusively online and free of charge. The workshops and lectures will be held live via video conferencing.

The video programme (Video showcase and premiere of dance video, LAB) will be made available at the festival’s website and on social media.

Why is the programme delivered online?
In light of the continued uncertainty and potential health risks posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided to move the entire programme of this year’s festival online. We hope to bring our workshops and lectures to as many dance artists as possible and make them accessible regardless of their financial situation or current location.

Who is the audience of Vibra 2020?
Practical workshops are aimed at dancers and choreographers. The lectures
are intended to performing arts practitioners.
Vibra’s video programme will be of interest to the wider domestic and international audiences.

Where can I watch the video programme?
Selected short videos created by young dance artists will be made available between 24 and 28 August on our website and on social media platforms (FB, IG). Another short film – the result of the Laboratory – will be shown on the final day of the festival, 29 August 2020.

How do I apply?
Detailed information on how to apply is found in Application guidelines.

Is there a limit to the number of workshops I take?
No. You can apply to a single workshop or participate in the entire programme.

Where will the workshops take place?
All workshops will be held online via video conferencing.

Do I need a studio to participate in the workshops?
No. We are well aware that in the current situation not everyone is fortunate enough to have a rehearsal space available to them. If you do, all the better. But if you don’t, set up another space (indoor or outdoor), where you will not be disturbed and will be able to move around. The workshops will be adjusted to suit the live format.

How to join a video conference?
We will use the Zoom platform for the purpose of conducting online workshops and lectures. DOWNLOAD the Zoom App on your laptop/computer, tablet/ipad prior to the start of your workshops. The program is free to access. Create your own Zoom account for ease of participation and understand how it works prior to starting the course.
We will email you the workshop’s Zoom links prior to your workshops. All course links will be sent to you from info@vibra.si

Is it necessary to join the course at the specific time?
Yes. The courses will run accordingly to the schedule.
Arrive 10- 5 minutes prior to course’s start time. You will be held in a waiting room in the zoom classroom. Everyone will be admitted to the course 10 to 1 minutes prior to workshop start time – this ensures we can start course on time and together.

Will the recordings of the workshops and lectures be made available?
All workshops and lectures (except the Laboratory) will be recorded for the purposes of the Vibra archive. The workshops will not be re-broadcasted or shared.