Choreograhic & video laboratory


15-21 August

©Darja Štravs Tisu /Vibra 2019

Choreographic & video laboratory is a 7-day scholarship research programme for a chosen group of young professional choreographers and dancers. The workshop will be held online via video conferences. The working process emphasizes cooperation between the participants and the project leaders – choreographer, Lali Ayguadé and film director, Janez Burger. The participants will work on their solo choreographic materials together with the mentors as well as individually.

The process will be based on the methodologies proposed by Lali Ayguadé and the creative research of the participants. The last two days of the lab the dancers will film the created materials under the guidance of Janez Burger.


As a thematic starting point for the choreographic materials, Lali proposes to reflect on the state of confinement. We will explore the consequences, physical impacts, and possible transformations that occur as a result of spatial alienation. We will take a look at possible new realities, physical pathways, and particular states that the body undergoes when confronted with social and spatial restrictions.

Lali will propose specific choreographic tools that the dancers may apply when creating their solo material. The focus will be placed on intertwining the abstract with the concrete and exploring the boundary between dance and theatricality, using gestures, voice, and abstract movement. Our aim will be to support each dancer/choreographer in defining their own individual choreographic voice through the creation of solo materials.


Janez Burger will follow the process of creation of the choreographic materials and advise the participants on how to record their solos for the video format. Together they will outline the visual identity of the shots, keeping in view the overall concept, and specify the locations, lights, costumes, camera angles etc. The director will be responsible for the video’s coherent visual approach. He and editor Miloš Kalusek will assemble all the sent-in footage and edit them into a short video film (5-12 min). The working title of the video is Lab.

The short film Lab will premiere on the final day of Vibra on 29 August. It will be made available on Vibra‘s website, social media, and on Vimeo. It is planned to present the film also at other dance festivals.


The laboratory intends to assist young professional dancers in further development of their choreographic language, stimulating their creative processes and experimenting with new ways of working. The aim of the project is also to help the young generation of dancers to gain visibility in the time of the current health crisis. The video offers a wider audience an inside to their work and promotes young generation of contemporary dance artists.


Choreographic and video laboratory is part of the scholarship program for young professional dancers and choreographers in the field of contemporary dance.

The scholarship offers free of charge participation in the laboratory process, participation in the short film, film’s post-production and promotion.

The participants will be credited as dancers and co-creators of the materials of video film.

The participants will receive a Certificate of Vibra 2020 Scholarship.

As a part of the scholarship, the participants will be able to attend all the other workshops (optional) and lectures (mandatory) of Vibra 2020.


Participants are required to attend all activities of the laboratory.

Participants will have to provide their own video equipment necessary for shooting the video materials. The materials can be shot using a video camera, photo camera, or a mobile phone. The quality has to be HD (High Definition).

The participants will be asked to send in their video materials by the end of the lab period (no later then 22 August, 11.00 CET). The materials shall be sent via Wetransfer or AirBridge to the producer, Mirabelka, for editing and post-production. Dramatury lectures are an integral part of the scholarship program. Lectures will be held by Guy Cools on the 24th and 25th of August.


The laboratory will be held daily from 15 to 21 August from 10.00 to 16.00. The participants are expected to work under the guidance of the mentors via video conferences as well as to work individually on the creation of their choreographic materials. The schedule of the video conferences will be scheduled daily accordingly to the needs to the process.

The dancers can work at the studios or, if the studios are not available to them, at other places they find suitable for work (home, yard, park, etc.).

Choreographic & video laboratory is a part of Vibra scholarship program and is free of charge. A group of 10-12 young artists will be selected to attend via an open call.

Level: professional

Age limit: 19-35

Choreographic & video lab is a part of Vibra scholarship program and is free of charge. A group of 10-12 young participants will be invited as a result of open call / applications.


Scholarship program was established in 2019. The program was a six-days training and research program taking place from 26 to 31 August 2019 in Ljubljana in the frame of Vibra workshops & festival.

In 2019, 12 dancers from across Europe were awarded the scholarship program for Lali Ayguadé’s choreographic laboratory, 4 dancers were awarded scholarships for the training program, and 1 choreographer received the scholarship for individual coaching.  The results of the lab were presented at the Dance Theatre Ljubljana in the frame of Vibra’s Open presentation.

LALI AYGUADÉ (Spain) After graduating at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona and P.A.R.T.S. in Brussles she has worked with Akram Khan, Hofesh Shechter, Baro d’Evel, Roberto Olivan and Marcos Morau, among others.. Since 2013, she is the director of her own company, Lali Ayguadé Company, with which she created created pieces such as Kokoro, Iu an Mi, Saba, Incognito. Lali starred in Timecode – short film inspired by Incognito. Timecode was awarded the Palme d’Or at Festival de Cannes, the Goya Award, the Gaudi Award and was nominated at the Oscars 2016.

Lali has also directed pieces for other companies such as Tanz Bielefeld, in Germany, and Bhodi PROJECT, Austria. In 2010, she was nominated as Exceptional dancer for the Critics Awards of London and in 2014 as Best Creator. In 2016, she was also nominated as Best Dancer for the “” Critics awards in Barcelona. Lali teaches at academies, dance studios and festivals around the world.

photo ©Darja Štravs Tisu /Vibra 2019

JANEZ BURGER (Slovenia) is director and screenwriter. He graduated in Film and TV directing at the FAMU Academy, Prague. He directed feature films (Ide running, Ruins, Silent sonata, Ivan), several documentaries, short and TV films. Janez’ films were critically acclaimed and internationally screened in various festivals including being Slovenian candidates for Academy Award for Best International Feature Film. He has received dozens of awards at home and abroad for his work.

Janez was the producer of Jan Cvitkovič’s film Odgrobadogroba. Together with Cvitkovič, they founded the Staragara production house.

He teaches film directing at AGRFT of the University of Ljubljana and the Academy of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica.

photo ©Luka Kaše