Video works

DANCE VIDEO FILM created during the online Choreographic & video laboratory at Vibra 2020


Janez Burger

Walls has been filmed in special circumstances. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, dance makers were forced to cease their processes or to perform them remotely. Therefore, the film has also been created remotely. Both as a last resort in the current situation, as well as a rather unique artistic experiment. Artists in the field of dance – a medium that is perhaps the most ephemeral art form, linked to direct contact with the audience, daily physical exercise and creative work with co-creators, are forced to find different ways of working.

Nine selected young dance artists from all over the world have been creating their solo materials during the Choreographic & video laboratory and under the guidance of Spanish choreographer Lali Ayguadé and Slovenian film director Janez Burger. The starting point for creation was the reflection on the state of forced physical confinement.

Walls is not only a reflection of the conditions that spatial alienation has caused, but also a way of opening up new possibilities of creation despite the limitations. Celebration of creative processes that take place within each individual.

The dancers created and recorded in their homes in Egypt, Italy, Mexico, USA, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and the Netherlands. The film was edited in Slovenia.

Walls was created during Vibra – the 8th International workshops and festival of contemporary dance, held via online video conferences due to this year’s unexpected circumstances.

Co-created and performed by: Abdelrahman Ahmed, Abil Meneses, Alessia Stracuzzi, Alexandra Girbea, Jerneja Fekonja, José Garrido, Sara Santervás, Tejaswini Loundo, Tina Fores-Hitt

Directed by: Janez Burger

Choreographic mentorship: Lali Ayguadé

Editing: Miloš Kalusek

Producer: Magdalena Reiter

Production assistant: Lia Ujčič

Production: Mirabelka 

The project is co-financed by: City of Ljubljana – Department for Culture

Online premiere: 29.08.2020


Presentations of short videos by young dance artists


Lara-Katharina Pigorsch

ISOLATION is a diptych of two short video films – Handy Score and Night Sculptures created by Lara-Katharina during the covid-19 quarantine. The movies take up subject of isolation – not only that one imposed on us during the pandemic lock-down, but also the ones we create by ourselves.

Handy Score uses scores and patterns of city transport passengers, who share the same contained space, but are immersed in the world of their smartphones. Night Sculptures are situated in the big city building. A place where one can be utterly alone despite a big number of people living next to each other.

Lara-Katharina Pigorsch (Germany) obtained her dance diploma at SOZO Visions in Motions – Contemporary Dance Studies in Kassel, Germany. She studied at the Philipps-Universität in Marburg and is currently studying visual arts at the Kunsthochschule in Kassel. Lara-Katharina works in the field of dance and audiovisual media.


Katie Serridge

This work is a digitised gift to a dear friend.
 Inspired by what already exists; what is not cancelled; the light that bleeds through the storm of this pandemics reality. Tulips for Polly returns to the self, to the small moments, to the beauty of being, in a worldly-spoken need to stay still for a moment. Bringing to light the tangible connections between those distanced, emerging within the resilience and necessity of artistic output.

Katie Serridge (United Kingdom) completed her training at the Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School and later obtained a Postgraduate Diploma at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. She is the founding member of the MassHysteria Collective. Katie works as a choreographer and dancer.

Choreographer: Katie Serridge

Performer/ Co-Creator/ Videographer: Polly Constance

Music: Nick Zammuto


Stella Covi

The dance video Am I free? was created for the purpose of experimenting with the interweaving of dance, video, music, and narration in a way that is autodidactic. The film is inspired by the writings of Clarice Lispector.

Stella Covi (Italy) After graduating at the Ecole Supériore de danse de Cannes (ESDC) she moved to Zurich to study at the Zurcher Hochschüle der Kunste (Zhdk) and obtained BA degree in contemporary dance. Since September 2018, she is a member of the Ballet Theater Pforzheim (Germany). She’s creating her own dance pieces as well as works from other art genres.


Ayumi Toyabe

16 dancers from various places are dancing together without knowing one another. They can’t meet because of the global pandemic, but through the video they are inviting us to their own homes. They aren’t together, but they all have the same sky above them. It differs in the colors and sates, although it is what remains common.

Ayumi Toyabe (Japan / Hungary) After graduating from the Ballet Academy Nürnberg / Fürth in Germany, she has completed the professional training course at Art Factory International Bologna, Italy. She is a freelance dancer and creator, leading the international dance collective UGOIQ. She is working as an assistant director of Tokyo Space Dance, dancer and creator of Horokodile and member of the flat theater Szövegtest Társulat.