Applied anatomy

Morning flow

26-27 August

©Darja Štravs Tisu /Vibra 2015

Applied anatomy

In this workshop-lecture, we will focus on the spine, its structure, and function. Using anatomical bone markers, we will explore the extent of movement allowed by the spine and try to analyze different movement articulations.

From the inside out, we will “walk through” the different tissues – bones, tendons, muscles around the vertebrae that also form an organic axis of the body of a sort.

ⓘ conditioning/lecture

Morning flow

The workshop is structured around the harmonious synthesis of exercises to stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems, increase proprioception, and activate the body’s potential. Starting off with stamina and flexibility exercises, we will then move on to working with the principles drawn from pilates, yoga, qigong, and fascia training.

ⓘ conditioning

KATRA KODELA (Slovenija) has a wide range of experience in the field of movement, dance and psychology. She holds a MA degree in Psychology, is a licensed pilates trainer, a graduated teacher of the franklin method, a Qigong instructor, tuinologist and cranio-sacral therapist.

Katra trained dance sports and then karate. Later she returned to dance – this time to the field of contemporary dance, where she’s still working as a pedagogue. As a dancer she has experienced the importance of a healthy attitude towards body and a functional usage of it. She has acquired knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics through education at the Institute for the Franklin Method, where she completed a 3-year study. She finished a Stott training in pilates also has a trainer’s license from Fitness Association of Slovenia. Katra teaches pilates and franklin, conducts workshops on anatomy and gives therapeutic massages.