Contemporary Fusion

28-29 August

© Giuseppe Ippolito

Contemporary Fusion builds on the principles of the trademark dance style developed by Nastja and Michał. They have based their distinctive dance vocabulary on a range of styles and dance techniques. To engage the body, we will start the workshop off with a warm-up that includes exercises from contemporary dance techniques, ballet and yoga. We will then proceed to work on short choreographic material and phrases, developing our technique and skills and exploring new possibilities of movement.

ⓘ dance workshop

NASTJA BREMEC RYNIA and MICHAŁ RYNIA created the Slovene-Polish duo known as MN Dance Company and have been developing their own, unique way of style Contemporary Fusion. Their performances (DE-SET, Labyrinth, S/HE, Conspiracy of Silence, Urban Tales) have been hosted by Slovenia and European theatres. They were commissioned to make a performance, Classic and Tango for the Slovene National Theatre Opera and Ballet of Ljubljana and are closely collaborating as choreographers and movement directors with the Slovene National Theatre of Nova Gorica. Nastja and Michał teach workshops on international seminars and festivals.

NASTJA BREMEC RYNIA (Slovenia) graduated at CODARTS – Rotterdam Dance Academy. She worked with numerous choreographers such as Nacho Duato, Mauro Bigonzeti, Michele Pogliani, Neel Veerdorn, Jerome Meyer,Isabelle Chaffaud and was a member of Scapino Ballet Rotterdam.

MICHAŁ RYNIA (Poland / Slovenia) began his career as a hip hop dancer. He won the title of Polish National Champion on several occasions, five times won the title of a hip hop World-Champion and twice the National Championships in the Netherlands in hip hop solo Adults. He worked at the Polish National Theatre in Wroclaw and later graduated at CODARTS – Rotterdam Dance Academy. After completing the studies Michal began to teach at CODARTS. As a dancer Michał worked with Ed Wubbe, Andre Gingras, Guy Weizman and Roni Haver,  and companies like Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. He choreographed solo and group performances (Switched, Dream of Electric Sheep, The Myth, Chained).