Space anatomy

26-27 August

©Juan Carlos Toledo

The class focuses on the functionality of movement emphasizing anatomical understanding of the articulations, the use of weight and suspension, and the activation of the spiral, which we will conceive as a natural and organic generator of movement. All these elements will be studied in relation to the space and its multiple dimensions and later applied to a rather physical and powerful floor work. Movement patterns involving breathing, speed and the release of energy through the body will also be put to use. By entering and leaving the ground, we will work on activating the relationship between the center and the limbs and explore it in relation to the floor. We will focus on our bone structure and study the use of spirals in order to understand and improve the efficiency of movement and heighten our perception and physical awareness. We will also work on moving in multiple directions in the space and explore ways of lifting and dropping, with a strong focus on movement efficiency, space awareness and activation of the spiral through the strong physical center. By exploring various movement possibilities across different physical levels and planes, we will also create short sequences and movement phrases.

ⓘ dance workshop

GUY NADER (Lebanon/Spain) studied theatre at the Lebanese University in Beirut. He co-founded the ensemble GN|MC with fellow dancer and choreographer, Maria Campos. Guy and Maria created performances such as Times Takes The Time Time Takes, Fall Seven Times, Set of Sets, among others, both for the GN|MC ensemble and for international dance companies such as Tanzmainz , Eva Duda/Movein Mission, Tanztheater Braunschwei, Xie Xin Dance Theatre company, En-Knap-Group.

For their works, Guy and Maria received awards such as Der Faust (National German theatre prize, 2017), Best Contemporary Dance Performance at La Feria Internacional de Danza y Teatro in Huesca (2015), Best Performance and Best Choreography at the Premis de la crítica in Catalonia (2020) and the Prize City of Barcelona (2020).

Alongside his work as dancer and choreographer Guy teaches workshops and classes at professional studios and international schools and festivals.